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There are several bandit masks (face bandana) in the game.

The most famous of them are next two:

Name Bind Armor type Source Color
[Blood Elf Bandit Mask] Drop Orange with yellow edging
[Blooddrenched Mask] BoP Leather Drop Red
[Bloodwoven Mask] BoE Cloth Drop Red
[Bonechewer Skincloak] BoE Leather Drop Yellow
[Clefthoof Hide Mask] BoP Leather Horde 15 Quest Black
[Ebon Mask] BoP Leather IconSmall Rogue Quest Black
[Mask of the Unforgiven] BoP Leather Drop White
[Outlander's Facewrap] BoE Cloth Quest Red
[Red Defias Mask] IconSmall Rogue BoP Drop Red
[Shadoweave Mask] BoE Cloth Crafted Purple
[Sunroc Mask] BoE Leather Drop Black
[Terokk's Mask] BoP Leather Quest Orange with yellow edging
(same as Blood Elf Bandit Mask)
[Venomshroud Mask] BoE Cloth Drop Green
[White Bandit Mask] BoE Cloth Crafted White

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