Bandit's Guile

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Bandit's Guile
Ability rogue preyontheweak
  • Bandit's Guile (Passive)
  • Passive
  • Take advantage of the natural ebb and flow of combat, causing your Sinister Strike to gradually increase your damage dealt by up to 30%. This maximum effect will last for 15 sec before fading and beginning the cycle anew.

    Empowered Bandit's Guile (Level 92+)
    Bandit's Guile grants an additional 20% damage increase while in Deep Insight.
Usable by
Level required60
Related buff
Inv bijou green
  • Shallow Insight
  • Damage dealt increased by 10%.
Related buff
Inv bijou yellow
  • Moderate Insight
  • Damage dealt increased by 20%.
Related buff
Inv bijou red
  • Deep Insight
  • Damage dealt increased by 30%.
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Bandit's Guile is a passive rogue ability learned at level 60 for those with the Combat specialization. Using [Sinister Strike] increases damage by up to 30%, scaling in intensity (see buffs).

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