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#REDIRECT [[Bananas]]
|name=Banana Charm
|effect=Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
'''Banana Charm''' summons and dismisses '''Bananas''', a baby [[ape]] [[pet]] that follows you around, meaning it is a non-combat pet and will not aid you in battle.
This item is available only to those who receive the [[King Mukla]] card in the ''[[World of Warcraft]]'' [[TCG Through the Dark Portal|Through the Dark Portal]] [[TCG]] expansion that has the "scratch off gently" strip. Once you scratch and reveal the code, you can turn it in to [[Landro Longshot]] in [[Booty Bay]] who will give you Banana Charm.
A sample Bananas pet exists as a {{reputation|neutral}} level 1 [[beast]] near [[Landro Longshot]].
This pet is also a possible drop from {{item|Landro's Pet Box}} (also a TCG item).
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