Bambus is a plant found in Pandaria. Bambus reed and other materials from bambus are used to construct buildings, and the weapons and armor that Pandarens use. Pandaren cities are constructed of the sturdy bambus reeds and stone. And their pan-spears are also constructed of the light yet sturdy bambus. Pikeman and wardancer armor are both constructed of bambus as well.[1]

Bamboo which is likely the same kind of plant or related species, but called "bambus" by the Pandarens, is found in Stranglethorn Vale especially within Zul'Gurub. A [Bamboo Cage Key] was needed to open a cage in Kurzen's camp.


  • Bambus comes from the Malay bambu (plural bambus), which is used in scientific names for the variety of bamboo species for example;
    • Subfamily: Bambusoideae
    • Supertribe: Bambusodae
    • Tribe: Bambuseae

References Edit

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