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For his character biography, see Balnazzar.
For his encounter pre-Cataclysm, see Balnazzar (original).
CombatMobElite 32Balnazzar
Title Lord of the Risen
Gender Male
Race Nathrezim
Level 62 Elite
Health  ??
Mana  ??
Affiliation Burning Legion, Scarlet Crusade, Crimson Legion, Dreadlord Insurgents
Location The Scarlet Bastion, Stratholme
Status Defeatable
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Balnazzar, under the guise of Saidan Dathrohan, Grand Crusader of the Scarlet Crusade, is the final boss in the Scarlet Bastion of Stratholme.


Grand Crusader DathrohanEdit

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Grand Crusader Dathrohan

Before you start the fight, shield your tank and engage Grand Crusader Dathrohan. Wait for a few seconds for the tank to build up aggro before the rest of your party attacks. Dathrohan attacks aren't terribly damaging at this point, but don't let him engage your softer party members. Pull him to face the back wall, facing away from the rest of the party. Keep your party's ranged damage about 10-15 yards away to avoid his stun.

At 40% health, Grand Crusader Dathrohan transforms into Balnazzar. When he changes into Balnazzar, he will have full health and mana, but he still retains all aggro. Do not change your tactics, keep him away from your casters and wear him down. Most of his skills are Magic and can be removed by a priest or paladin.

When he dies, undead mobs spawn outside of the room, which is the reason for fighting at the back of the room.


How to Solo Stratholme11:21

How to Solo Stratholme


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