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Badge of Tenacity is a trinket with a "Use:" effect great for all physical damage classes and tanks, though the high armor makes it perfect for a feral druid.

This item is considered by many to be the premier druid tanking trinket in the game. However it is difficult to farm since the [Depleted Badge] is a very rare "world" drop in the Blades Edge Plateaus. The only reliable ways to farm it are to do the Shartuul's Transporter event (~9% drop), to do the Bash'ir Landing Raid event acquire the [Accelerator Module] and hope to summon Bash'ir himself (who has a loot table similar to Shartuul's), or to farm gold and watch for it on the AH. When scanning the AH, be sure to look for "badge", as this can only find [Depleted Badge] and [Badge of Tenacity], as they are the only tradable items by that name.

Benefits for the feral druidEdit

  • The armor on the trinket gives 1540 armor in Dire Bear Form untalented, or 1694 armor with 3/3 Thick Hide.
  • Assuming optimal use on every cooldown, its on average the same as 25 agility permanently.
  • When activated the trinket gives (not counting the druid Survival of the Fittest talent bonus):
    • 300 armor
    • 6% increased chance for a melee critical strike
    • 10.2% increased chance to dodge

Source Edit

Created when using the [Depleted Badge] with 50 [Apexis Shards].

Effective AgilityEdit

Assuming this trinket were activated every cooldown, it would grant:

150 * 20 / 120 = 150 * 1 / 6 = 150 / 6 = 25 Agility

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