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Spell fire playingwithfire
  • Increases your critical strike chance with spells by an additional X% and gives you a Y% chance when hit by a physical attack to reduce the cast time of your next Shadow Bolt or Incinerate spell by 100%. This effect lasts 8 seconds and will not occur more often than once every 8 seconds.
Usable by
LocationDestruction, Tier 7
AffectsAll spells, additional effect to Shadow Bolt and Incinerate
Points required30
Spec specificYes

Backlash is a warlock talent which increases spell crit chance and gives a chance for instant-cast Shadow Bolt and Incinerate.

Rank table

Rank + % Crit  % Chance of melee proc
1 1 8
2 2 16
3 3 25


This is an effect similar to Nightfall.

This will probably have greatest effect against melee attackers with very fast swing rate such as hunter pets and druids in cat form. Nuke to the face, close range!

Destro spec'ed Warlocks with 1 point in Devastation and 3 points in Backlash will increase their baseline spell critical rate for all Destruction spells by a whopping +8%. In combination with the additional DPS afforded by Ruin, Warlock direct damage capacity improves significantly. This is further enhanced by numerous Nightfall and Backlash procs if the Warlock is Afflic/Destro spec'ed.

Such a build will find its best form in Instances, where DoT's may not have many chances to reach their full duration, thus making direct damage attacks more beneficial to overall DPS and to mana efficiency. The build is less effective in solo play, where DoTing multiple targets is more efficient when striving for a high number of kills per minute.

In pve raiding this talent becomes a lot less useful. You are unlikely to get hit so the proc will never happen (unless you get attacked by adds or something). That effectively make this a 1 point = 1% crit talent. This is a lot worse than devastation which is 1 point = 5% crit talent. Before you have any points in this for purely pve make sure you have devastation first.

Patch changes

  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Has been moved up to tier-5, up from tier-7. Now requires Intensity (pre-req).
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