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BGAlerts is not really an addon. BGAlerts is actually a series of addons, coded by Klishu, that help players be aware of what is happening in the current battleground that player is in, in a much more clear and effective way.

The BGAlerts Addons are:

BGSoundAlerts - Adds vocal spoken sounds to events in battlegrounds.
BGTextAlerts - Adds big text over in the centre of the screen as events in battlegrounds occur.
BGIncAlerts - Shows you different status of nodes and bases in battlegrounds (Inc, Under Attack). This mod is no longer in development.

A required dependency is downloaded with the BGSoundAlerts and BGTextAlerts .ZIP files named BGAlerts that contains all the common functions and necessities for all BGAlerts addons including the BGAlerts options panel where you can customize the various options for each addon. This options panel can be opened by clicking the minimap button for BGAlerts.

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