World of Warcraft Beta Patch was released on October 25th 2006!

World of Warcraft Client Beta Patch Edit

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General Edit

  • Many creatures have had their textures and portraits added.
  • Many items have had their textures added.
  • Players will now receive an error message when trying to summon a non-party member with a meeting stone.
  • Added more Draenei and Blood Elf emote sounds.
  • Doom Lord Kazzak has been itemized.

PvP Edit

  • Battlegrounds
    • The maximum level cap on most Alterac Valley, Scourge Invasion, and other miscellaneous quests will now be accessible for level 61+ players.
    • The amount of honor points gained are now consistent between the combat log and scoreboard when completing objectives in battlegrounds.
  • The floating combat text should no longer overlap during heavy combat.
  • Guards will now properly respawn when a faction has taken over Halaa base.

Shaman Edit

  • The "Frostbrand Weapon" (rank 6) is now available from trainers.

Warlocks Edit

  • Auras from pets will now be removed when a new pet is summoned.
  • The spell "Soul Fire"(rank 4) is now available from trainers.
  • The spell "Curse of Weakness" (rank 8) is now available from trainers.
  • Pets will now despawn properly when an Infernal is summoned.
  • The spell "Drain Soul" will no longer continue to channel after a target is dead.
  • Casting the spell "Dark Pact" immediately after combat will no longer put you back into combat mode.
  • Casting "Health Funnel" on a target while already channeling "Health Funnel" will no longer cancel future castings of the spell on that target.
  • The talent "Shadow Embrace" will now be removed properly when the debuff has finished its duration.

User Interface Edit

  • The checking of options in the rarity dropdown menu in the Auction House UI is now working properly.
  • The Shift option has been removed as an option for the Self-Cast Key due to a conflict with mouse clicks.
  • The Shift+B shortcut is now working properly with the bank’s new bag slot.
  • Players will now be able to disable abilities from showing in the combat text.
  • The Looking For Group channel has been removed with the implementation of the LFG system.

Bugs Edit

  • Female Naga will no longer crash the client when clicked on.
  • Corrected some graphical errors with the LFG system menus.
  • Hunter pets should now properly receive the benefit of "Nature’s Ally" after a hunter dies and resurrects.
  • The Paladin spell "Flash of Light" is now working properly.
  • Fixed several quest reputation rewards to reflect the proper faction.
  • Fixed an error with the lower Falcon Watch Orb of Translocation that was causing it not to teleport player correctly.
  • Fixed several quest item errors causing players to be unable to loot.
  • Fixed an error where players were losing rested experience upon logging out.
  • Fixed several holes that were causing players to fall through the world.
  • Fixed an issue where the entrance door to the cage event in Hellfire Blood Furnace would not stay closed after the cage event had ended.
  • The Deeprun Tram should no longer disappear part way along its route.
  • Fixed some graphical errors with the Draenei female.
  • Fixed an error where players were receiving double the resilience rating from armor.
  • Fixed an issue where performing guild actions would cause a player to crash.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the jump animation when casting an instant spell at the same time.
  • Players will no longer remain slowed when riding a Gryphon after having a slow spell cast or ability applied to them.

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