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* [[Valley of Power]]
* [[Valley of Power]]
[[ru:Кратер Азшара]]
[[Category:Mists of Pandaria]]
[[Category:Mists of Pandaria]]

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Were you looking for the battleground that didn't make it out of testing called Azshara Crater?

Azshara Crater is a battleground mentioned in passing at BlizzCon 2011 during a preview panel for the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria.[1] It has the same name as a previous battleground that never made it out of testing and so far few details have emerged.

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  1. ^ "World of Warcraft: Intro to Mists of Pandaria" preview panel (featuring Tom Chilton, Game Director; Cory Stockton , Lead Content Designer; and Greg Street, Lead Systems Designer) at BlizzCon 2011

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