Azerothian Super Villains is a machinima created by Ian Beckman. It follows a group of 4 (Illidan Stormrage, Archimonde, Kael'thas Sunstrider and Akama (5, if you count Wilson, the skull)) and their attempts to take over the world.

Attempts of Trying to Take Over the WorldEdit

  • Threaten the People of Azeroth on live TV under the conditions of slavery and death.
    • The Super Villains had not agreed between their personal wishes and conditions so the plan came down soon enough.
  • Capture the King (unnamed - of Stormwind?) and hold him for ransom. Later, the Super Villains used an Enlarging Wand on Kael'thas for him to destroy Stormwind.
    • A raid group came and ruined the plan by defeating Kael'thas (but not killing him, much to the annoyance of Illidan).
  • Use weapons of mass destruction on Azeroth.
    • Kael'thas accidentally activated it while showing the FBI. Was shut down by Illidan later.
  • Kidnap Thrall.
    • Succeeded, but Kael'thas accidentally set him free.
  • After Illidan was freed from jail, Kael'thas was to kill the "King" of Theramore (thinking the leader was a king) so that Illidan could unleash his army of cloned mechanical squirrels. Kael'thas ended up sleeping with Jaina, but found her with Thrall.
    • This is the second plan to momentarily succeed, but the army of Theramore came and killed all the squirrels.
  • Illidan dies - as in the title, Kael'thas must rescue Illidan from Maiev and Akama and Archimonde and the Super Villains of Azeroth and some hired raiders as they attempt to end Illidan's reign of failing to take over Azeroth. But Kael'thas gets his revenge on Akama. Kael'thas explains the turnout of the others as they leave, but the raiders takes over the world.

Azerothian Super Villains EpisodesEdit

Episode OneEdit

The first part of ASV episodes.

Episode OneEdit