Ayla Shadowstorm[44.2, 86.4]
is a night elf vendor associated with the Guardians of Hyjal. She first appears after players have completed unlocking both factions via Druids of the Talon and The Shadow Wardens. While her items are viewable at this stage, they are only purchasable after players complete her quest, Filling the Moonwell.


Vendor informationEdit

Item Type Price
[Band of Glittering Lights] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Globe of Moonlight] Off-Hand 98Gold 21Silver 76Copper
[Moon Blessed Band] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Moonwell Chalice] Trinket 152Gold 85Silver 25Copper
[Moonwell Phial] Trinket 152Gold 85Silver 25Copper
[Relic of Elune's Light] Relic 107Gold 9Silver 45Copper
[Relic of Elune's Shadow] Relic 103Gold 55Silver 52Copper
[Crimson Lasher] Companion 1500Gold
[Mushroom Chair] Vanity 500Gold
[Pattern: Luxurious Silk Gem Bag] Tailoring Pattern 300Gold
[Pattern: Royal Scribe's Satchel] Leatherworking Pattern 300Gold
[Pattern: Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag] Leatherworking Pattern 300Gold

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