Avrilla is a dryad associated with the Guardians of Hyjal that resides at the Grove of Aessina[19, 37]
in Mount Hyjal. She later appears at Malfurion's Breach[47, 90]
in the Molten Front as a quest giver.




Note: Some of her quotes are puns on plants and herbs.

Malfurion's Breach in the Molten Front
Avrilla says: In the nature of all things is the will to survive.
Avrilla says: What is war, but the preservation of life? Just as the seed struggles to push out of the soil so do we fight our own existance.
Avrilla says: I like you! Weed make anise pear.
Avrilla says: Oh, it's you again! Do you think we'll be able to mustard up the forces we need?
Avrilla says: Some people think I'm corny, but I think I'm rather sage.
Avrilla says: Will we win this war? Only thyme will tell.

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