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Augustus the Touched is a level 55 fungus vendor and quest giver located in Terrordale in the contested territory of Eastern Plaguelands. He is insane, and so are his prices.

Try not to look him directly in the eyes... well I don't know what happens if you do but just to be safe don't do it.


Items for SaleEdit

Item Cost Description
Delicious Cave Mold x5 10Silver A type of fungus that heals 874 health over 27 sec.
Dried King Bolete x5 40Silver A type of fungus that heals 2148 health over 30 sec.
Forest Mushroom Cap x5 25Copper A type of fungus that heals 61 health over 18 sec.
Raw Black Truffle x5 20Silver A type of fungus that heals 1392 health over 30 sec.
Red-speckled Mushroom x5 1Silver 25Copper A type of fungus that heals 243 health over 21 sec.
Spongy Morel x5 5Silver A type of fungus that heals 552 health over 24 sec.


  • My prices are insane!
  • Commerce! I crave it!

See List of Eastern Plaguelands NPCs.

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