Augur Narali was an orc shaman who was very loyal to Garrosh Hellscream and served within the True Horde. Located at Razor Hill, Augur was defeated by a Horde adventurer when the Darkspear Rebellion arrived and took over Razor Hill.

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  • Augur Narali says: All who conspire with the Darkspear face punishment by death!
  • Augur Narali says: For Hellscream!
  • Augur Narali says: I'll bring Garrosh your head!
  • Augur Narali says: Ours is the true Horde!
  • Augur Narali says: The Darkspear never deserved to be part of the Horde!
  • Augur Narali says: YOU are the traitors here!
  • Augur Narali says: You betrayed the Warchief!

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