PvE Servers Edit

For those of you on non-PvP servers, you can use the route from the Night Elf town of Auberdine to Neutral city of Booty Bay at the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms:

  1. Either fly from Auberdine to the town of Astranaar in Ashenvale or follow the road south to get there (you can safely do this around level 20).
  2. Follow the road east from Astranaar until it forks towards The Barrens.
  3. Follow the south road until you get near The Barrens entrance.
  4. There should be a break in a fence to the east of the guard tower. Go through it, making sure to avoid coming near the guard tower.
  5. Travel South-East to the Neutral city of Ratchet, along the coast, making sure to avoid Crossroads.
  6. Jump on the Booty Bay boat at the Ratchet dock.

PvP Servers Edit

For those of you on PvP servers, the following route is usually less crowded, and may thus be easier to follow:

  1. From Auberdine, take the boat to Menethil Harbor, then from take the boat to Theramore Island
  2. Head north along the beach to Ratchet. There are some level 37-38 Murlocs in the way, but you can avoid them by swimming around them. Closer to Ratchet are some level 13-16 pirates, but they too are easily avoided.
  3. Jump on the Booty Bay boat at the Ratchet dock.

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