Aspect Mastery

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Aspect Mastery
Ability hunter aspectmastery
  • Aspect of the Viper - Reduces the damage penalty by 10%.

    Aspect of the Monkey - Reduces the damage done to you while active by 5%.

    Aspect of the Hawk - Increases the attack power bonus by 30%.

    Aspect of the Dragonhawk - Combines the bonuses from Aspect of the Monkey and Hawk.
Usable by
LocationBeast Mastery, Tier 3
AffectsAspect of the Viper, Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Monkey
Points required10
Spec specificYes

Aspect Mastery is a new talent with Patch 3.0.2 as a replacement for Bestial Swiftness, which is being rolled into new pet talent trees.

The Attack Power bonus to Aspect of the Hawk (and Aspect of the Dragonhawk) is +30% to the attack power granted by those aspects. In other words, at level 80, 300 attack power is granted by Aspect of the Dragonhawk, thus this talent gives 90 more attack power (300 * .30 = 90).

Aspect Of The DragonHawk + Aspect Mastery(Level 80): Grants 390 attack power, 16% Dodge Chance and 5% Damage Reduction.

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