Quests Alliance 15Alliance Edit

Major quest lines within Ashenvale.

Curing the Child line (begins with Evenar Stillwhisper at Orendil's Retreat)
Thunder Peak line (begins with Inv jewelry talisman 14 [Troll Charm])
Dartol's Rod line (begins with Raene Wolfrunner in Astranaar)
Fire Scar Shrine line (begins with Faldreas Goeth'Shael in Astranaar)

Quests Horde 15 Horde Edit

Major quest lines within Ashenvale.

Tainting the Forest line (begins with Truun at the Mor'shan Rampart)
Defending Splintertree line (begins with Draaka in Splintertree Post)
Attacking Astranaar line (begins with Captain Goggath in Hellscream's Watch)
Thunder Peak line (begins with Broyk in Hellscream's Watch)

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