Armorer Orkuruk is an orc blacksmith located at Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. [41.5, 55.5]


You call that a hammer strike? What kind of amateurs am I workin' with here?
And WHAT are our soldiers supposed to do with that shoddy piece of junk?
You're an embarrassment to this entire operation! Pack up your stuff and get out!
You keep that garbage up and I'll ship you back to your momma in a box with a note strapped to your chest that reads: FAILURE.


Name Lvl Req Type Cost
Brigandine Belt5045Mail Armor2Gold 14Silver 61Copper
Brigandine Boots 5045Mail Armor3Gold 25Silver 69Copper
Brigandine Bracers5045Mail Armor2Gold 1Silver 46Copper
Brigandine Gloves5045Mail Armor2Gold 2Silver 22Copper
Inv helmet 03 [Brigandine Helm]5045Mail Armor2Gold 99Silver 86Copper
Brigandine Leggings5045Mail Armor4Gold 30Silver 77Copper
Brigandine Vest5045Mail Armor4Gold 27Silver 70Copper
Crested Heater Shield5045Shield4Gold 36Silver 29Copper
Ornate Buckler4742Shield3Gold 76Silver 47Copper
Platemail Armor5045Plate Armor4Gold 77Silver 59Copper
Platemail Belt5045Plate Armor2Gold 34Silver 70Copper
Platemail Boots5045Plate Armor3Gold 50Silver 75Copper
Platemail Bracers5045Plate Armor2Gold 36Silver 53Copper
Platemail Gloves5045Plate Armor2Gold 37Silver 42Copper
Platemail Helm5045Plate Armor3Gold 54Silver 79Copper
Platemail Leggings5045Plate Armor4Gold 75Silver 77Copper

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