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Captain Armando Ossex is a level 90 elite human NPC that wanders in the cave that marks the entrance to Alterac Valley. He is affiliated with the Stormpike Guard.

This NPC was created by Blizzard as memorial of the player Armando AKA Ossex in-game. Armando (Ossex) was a member of the guild 'Cavalieri dell'Alba, an Italian guild created on Dragonblight EU in 2005. He loved PvP and especially he loved Alterac Valley Battleground. After he passed away, his guild members asked Blizzard to add a memorial and to let him be a part of the game. Eventually, in Patch 1.11.1 Blizzard added in game the NPC 'Captain Armando Ossex' in his honor. As his guild members reported, Armando, after his normal routine of night BG's and PvP with his guild, he turned off his Computer and he never turned it on again. As his guild members stated, Armando probably died during that night.

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