Lord Arkkoroc (a.k.a. Arkkoran)[1] is a level 60 sea giant quest giver located in the Temple of Arkkoran in the contested territory of Azshara. He is the supposed god of the sea giants. The makrura and murlocs in the area consider him some kind of divinity as well.[2] Loramus Thalipedes describes him as a lesser deity, and his sons, the sea giants, patrol around the temple. Many of Lord Arkkoroc's sons were slain by the hydra Hetaera, and he now seeks revenge. Arkkoran only leaves the temple when he is in a foul mood.[2] The religion surrounding him is also called Arkkoroc.


His name might be inspired by "Arcoroc", a French brand of unbreakable glassware.

See List of Azshara NPCs.



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