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Combat 32 Arkkoran
Temple of Arkkoran
Main leaderLord Arkkoroc
Race(s)IconSmall Murloc Murloc
IconSmall Makrura Makrura
Base of operationsTemple of Arkkoran
Theater of operationsAzshara

The Arkkoran include both murlocs and makrura found in and around the Temple of Arkkoran in Azshara.[1] They are the minions of Lord Arkkoroc, the demigod of the sea giants. The demon hunter Loramus Thalipedes calls Arkkoroc a lesser deity.[2] You must avoid, or fight, the Arkkoran in order to talk to Lord Arkkoroc within the temple. If you help him with some quests, which involve Hetaera whom Arkkoroc calls a false god,[3] he will help you in return. The religion surrounding Lord Arkkoroc is also called Arkkoroc.[4]



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