Arikara is a Horde-only quest chain involving the serpent of vengeance, Arikara. Though it is somewhat debated, it seems to be implied that this serpent is not after Cairne Bloodhoof as Magatha Grimtotem suggests. Instead, the serpent may in fact be seeking vengeance against her.

Arikara, serpent of vengeance Edit

Windbreak Canyon

Windbreak Canyon, home to many serpents

Rumors have been spreading among the tauren of Freewind Post - a strange, alien egg has been sited in the nests of the Thousand Needles serpents.

Horde 15 [26] Alien Egg

Hagar Lightninghoof has heard of the alien egg, and wants to examine it himself. For this, he seeks your aid - the egg is guarded by serpents in one of their dens, and he cannot leave his post. You agree, and return the egg to him after fighting through its serpent guards.

But as Hagar examines the egg, it suddenly breaks apart, and a strange red serpent emerges. The serpent kills a nearby dog and then flies away, out of reach.

Magatha Grimtotem

Magatha Grimtotem

Horde 15 [26] Serpent Wild

Hagar seems shaken by this event, and makes a cryptic comment that "Vengeance has come to Thousand Needles!" He asks you to seek out Motega Firemane to the west for further instructions.

Horde 15 [27] Sacred Fire

Motega does, in fact, know what to do. The creature is called Arikara, a serpent of vengeance, who must be killed swiftly before she gains power. To that end, Motega asks you to gather Incendia Agave plants from the lake near Darkcloud Pinnacle, then visit Magatha Grimtotem in Thunder Bluff. With some trepidation, you do so, though you are plagued by steam elementals as you gather the plants.

When you reveal that Arikara is abroad, Magatha looks around suspiciously, as if she fears being overheard. She mentions that Arikara is born only to seek vengeance against those who have committed "heinous acts".


Horde 15 [28] Arikara

Motega enchants the Incendia Agave which you brought to her, and instructs you to throw it on the sacred fire of life in the Grimtotem village of Darkcloud Pinnacle. In an urgent voice, she adds that Arikara may be stalking Cairne Bloodhoof for his alterations to tauren lore. You head out immediately for Darkcloud Pinnacle.

Gathering a few trusted companions to help in the fight, you battle your way through the Grimtotem tauren to the sacred fire and throw down the enchanted incendia agave. You don't have to wait long before the serpent appears. She is strong, but with your companions you manage to defeat her.

You bring Arikara's skin to Motega Firemane. The tauren looks confused when he hears what Magatha said - he can't understand why Arikara would have been after Cairne. Though now suspicious of the Grimtotem shaman, you gladly claim your reward from Motega, and the matter is, for now, closed.

Rewards Edit

If the player follows the entire quest chain from beginning to end, he or she will receive:

One of the following:
Inv hammer 16
Inv wand 07
Inv shield 21
  • Roughly (from quest turn-ins only):

Summary Edit

  1. Horde 15 [26] Alien Egg
  2. Horde 15 [26] Serpent Wild
  3. Horde 15 [27] Sacred Fire
  4. Horde 15 [28] Arikara