The Argent Priestess is one of three adds who appear along with either Eadric the Pure or Argent Confessor Paletress in the 5-man dungeon, Trial of the Champion, which was introduced in patch 3.2.0 at the Argent Tournaments Trial of the Champion.

Attacks & abilities Edit

She has two or three attacks and should be dealt with first in each pack to prevent her heals keeping the fight going longer than it has to;

  • Spell holy holysmite  [Holy Smite]—Deals (X) Holy Damage to the target - interruptable.
  • Spell holy heal  [Heal]—Heals an allied target for (X) damage - interruptable.
  • Spell holy circleofrenewal  [Pool of Light]—Summons a Lightwell near the Priestess which deals Holy damage at random to nearby enemies and healing at random to nearby allies. The Lightwell has around 9000 health and can be killed by direct damage attacks (It's immune to DoTs) or by killing the Priestess, when it will also vanish.

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