Arena Promoter

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Neutral 32Arena Promoter
Arena Promoter
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 70
Health 3,500
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location All major cities
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Arena Promoter can be found in Teldrassil [58, 93.9],Undercity [62.7, 48.1],Stormwind City [52.4, 65.1],Ironforge [20.7, 51.5],Orgrimmar [46, 64.6],Thunder Bluff [38.8, 50.6],Darnassus [41.1, 43.8],Eversong Woods [54.4, 50.8],Silvermoon City [62.3, 64.7],Azuremyst Isle [22.6, 54] and The Exodar [41.6, 74.1].

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