The Archiereus of Flame[36.4, 33.0]
is a rare elite yaungol that can be summoned by interacting with the [Challenger's Stone] found in Three-Breeze Terrace or encountered in a variety of locations inside Ordon Sanctuary.
Icon-3D-48x48 of Ordon Sanctuary version

Loot Edit

The loot tables of the two version of this mob vary slightly, but not enough to make a huge difference (except for maybe [Epoch Stone] drop rate).

Currency for Three-Breeze Terrace version
Currency for Ordon Sanctuary version

Reputation Edit

  • Killing the Three-Breeze Terrace version of this mob awards 10 reputation with Shaohao 15 Emperor Shaohao (stops at Revered).
  • Killing the Ordon Sanctuary version of this mob awards 50 reputation with Shaohao 15 Emperor Shaohao (stops at Revered).

Objective of Edit

Criteria of Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Archiereus of Flame yells: Your challenge has been answered, outsider. Ordon, claim this area in the name of the Burning God!

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Three-Breeze Terrace Ordon Sanctuary

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