Acheras the Custodian

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Neutral 32Acheras the Custodian
Title The Custodian
Gender Male
Race(s) Stone keeper
Location Bael Modan

Acheras the Custodian, a stone statue, is one of many stone keepers that served the titans, ages ago. He is the protector of a great Titan facility under Bael Modan. Acheras' master was a titan named Khaz'goroth who formerly ran the facility as the facility overseer. He also served as a laboratory assistant and information repository to the titan scientists in the facility when it was still in operation. The titans ceased facility operations 100,000 years ago leaving Acheras in charge of the facility's maintenance. It awaits its master's return. He was programmed to understand most tongues, and manipulates crystals on his left forearm in order to access them.[1]

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