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Archaeology trainers can be found in capital cities.

Horde players learn Archaeology from certain NPCs belonging to The Reliquary faction, Alliance players do so at Explorers' League NPCs.

Levels can be learned at skill level 1, 50, 125, 200, 275, 350, 425

Alliance 15 Alliance eHorde 15 Horde
IconSmall Human Male Alliance 15 Harrison Jones Royal Library, Stormwind City IconSmall Blood Elf Male Horde 15 Belloc Brightblade Grommash Hold, Orgrimmar
IconSmall Dwarf Male Alliance 15 Doktor Professor Ironpants Ironforge IconSmall Tauren Male Horde 15 Otoh Greyhide Thunder Bluff
IconSmall Night Elf Male Alliance 15 Hammon The Jaded Darnassus IconSmall Undead Male Horde 15 Adam Hossack Undercity
IconSmall Draenei Female Alliance 15 Diya The Exodar Bc icon IconSmall Blood Elf Female Horde 15 Elynara Silvermoon City Bc icon
IconSmall Dwarf Female Alliance 15 Gerdra Fardelve Hellfire Peninsula Bc icon IconSmall Blood Elf Female Horde 15 Sirabel Hellfire Peninsula Bc icon
IconSmall Dwarf Female Alliance 15 Falda Fardelve Borean Tundra Wrath-Logo-Small IconSmall Blood Elf Male Horde 15 Lindarel Borean Tundra Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Dwarf Male Alliance 15 Hugen Goldwise Howling Fjord Wrath-Logo-Small IconSmall Undead Male Horde 15 Ian Thomas Wall Howling Fjord Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Human FemaleIconSmall Worgen Female Alliance 15 Stephanie Krutsick Darkshore    
Neutral 15 Neutral
IconSmall Broken Male Neutral 15 Boduro the Seeker Shattrath City Bc icon
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Neutral 15 Dariness the Learned Dalaran Wrath-Logo-Small

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