Journeyman in Archaeology Edit

With all 3 Fragments from the Ruins of Stardust[33, 66]
which is located in Ashenvale. They are Night Elf relics. Relics take fragments from multiple dig sites to complete. Keystones are obtained randomly through surveying the appropriate digsite for the relic (Night Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Fossil, etc.). These keystones can be used to reduce the amount of fragments needed to complete a given artifact. Low level common artifacts generally can accept one keystone for help, but there are some that you cannot use keystones on. Rare artifacts can accept up to three keystones which reduce the amount of fragments needed by up to 36. In Outland and Northrend common artifacts, some have been seen to accept up to two keystones.

Under the Archaeology tab Edit

Located under your Spellbook & Abilities tab (P) - The third picture is what appears after getting the 3 items needed for a class e.g. Night Elf and clicking on the Night Elf Icon. Once you receive a fragment from a given type of artifact, you can view what artifact you're currently working on in the archeology profession window by clicking on that race/fossil. Information can be found here such as the rarity of the artifact, the amount of fragments you have, and the amount of fragments needed to complete that artifact.

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