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Originally appear as corpses but act in the same way as the Protean Spawns, coming back to life at around 40% health and attacking. After being aggro'ed until some time after their death they regularly hit random nearby people with "Energy Discharge" for 700-1000 Arcane damage. They are immune to taunt, and many other aggro-generating or reducing abilities. They also reset aggro from time to time, which makes them very uncontrollable. When they get low on life (about 5%) their hands begin to turn blue and they stop doing anything, including moving. After some time they will explode for about 4k-5k damage. Watch out for their arcane discharges which even continues some time after their second death.

This unit is subjected to all kind of slow ability and can be freeze trapped by hunter, so kite/trap are solutions against the last Sentinel pair. This unit can be controlled by the Gnomish Universal Remote trinket, although its arcane discharges will continue to injure friendly characters nearby.

The Sentinels are also vulnerable to Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot, useful to mitigate the melee damage of the mob on your tank, as well as to stop a Sentinel that is charging your casters.

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