Arcanist Doan's Silver Coin

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Inv misc coin 182020
  • Arcanist Doan's Silver Coin
  • Item Level 1
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • "Oh, why won't you notice me? Abbendis, I would follow you anywhere. I wish you would notice me..."
  • Sell Price: 62Copper

Source Edit

This item is fished from the fountain in Dalaran.

Use Edit

Required for Money achievement Silver in the City

Context Edit

Arcanist Doan is a member of the Scarlet Crusade and can currently be found in Scarlet Monastery. Brigitte Abbendis is a High General with the Scarlet Crusade who leads her people from New Avalon in the Eastern Plaguelands to New Hearthglen in Northrend. The Coin suggests that Doan joined the Scarlet Crusade to be near Abbendis. Arcanist Doan is also not mentioned in [The Diary of High General Abbendis], suggesting they had no relationship within the Crusade.

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