Spell arcane blast

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This item is provided during Hallow's End for the quest Horde 15 [1] Clean Up in Undercity, given by Horde 15 Candace Fenlow in Undercity just inside the gates to the Ruins of Lordaeron or Alliance 15 [1] Clean Up in Stormwind, given by Alliance 15 Gretchen Fenlow outside the gates to Stormwind City.

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  • This item is a targeted AoE device, so you right-click to activate it and left click somewhere in the world (within range) to use it.
  • Although these items were added in Patch 4.1.0, by the time the Hallow's End event occurred, Patch 4.2.2 was live.

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Alliance 15 version
Horde 15 version