Apexis Monument

Apexis Monuments are ancient crystalline structures left behind by the Apexis, a long-dead arakkoan sect. Apexis Monuments are surrounded by four smaller Apexis Relics.

Apexis Monuments work very similarly to Apexis Relics in that they use colored lights to activate its vibrations. However, it requires 35 [Apexis Shards] to activate, and requires four people — one on each colored button — to run it, although it is possible for 2 people, stationed opposite each other between buttons, to operate it in a pinch. After six rounds, or once your group fails a round of the activation, an Combat 15 Apexis Guardian — a construct left to defend the Monument — will appear and attack. Defeating it is the objective of Neutral 15 [70] Guardian of the Monument.

Hints Edit

All it really takes is one player. You just fail the colored lights "test" and a Combat 15 Apexis Guardian will appear. Just make sure you are strong enough to defeat it.

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