Apex[51, 66.9]
can be found in Netherstorm.

Abilities Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level School
Spell nature thunderclap Thunderclap20Nature

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Source Slot Drop%
Inv datacrystal12 [Apex's Crystal Focus]1DropQuest79.9
Inv stone 10 [Smooth Stone Chip]1DropJunk52.0
Inv stone 14 [Shiny Polished Stone]1DropJunk20.7
Inv sword 39 [Tarnished Claymore]64DropTwo-Handed Sword0.4
Inv weapon bow 02 [Broken Longbow]64DropBows0.3
Inv throwingaxe 03 [Eroded Axe]64DropOne-Handed Axe0.3
Inv weapon shortblade 05 [Sharpened Stilleto]64DropDagger0.3
Inv sword 27 [Deteriorating Blade]64DropOne-Handed Sword0.2
Inv throwingaxe 06 [Stone Reaper]64DropTwo-Handed Axe0.2
Inv bracer 10 [Decaying Leather Bracers]67DropWrist (Leather)0.2
Inv staff 18 [Dense War Staff]64DropStaff0.2
Inv pants 04 [Deteriorating Plate Pants]67DropLegs (Plate)0.2
Inv shoulder 09 [Dilapidated Cloth Shoulderpads]67DropShoulder (Cloth)0.2
Inv mace 01 [Corroded Mace]64DropOne-handed Mace0.2
Inv helmet 12 [Decaying Leather Helmet]67DropHead (Leather)0.2

0.00% Chance of a epic drop.
0.14% Chance of a rare drop.
2.66% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.02% Chance of a common drop.
1.01% Chance of a poor drop.
Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created.

Mining Edit

Item Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv misc gem ruby 03 [Crystalline Fragments]1Pick PocketJunk100.0
Inv elemental mote earth01 [Mote of Earth]65Pick PocketElemental18.9
Inv misc gem goldendraenite 03 [Golden Draenite]65Pick PocketYellow1.3
Inv misc gem azuredraenite 03 [Azure Moonstone]65Pick PocketBlue0.9
Inv misc gem bloodgem 03 [Blood Garnet]65Pick PocketRed0.9
Inv misc gem ebondraenite 03 [Shadow Draenite]65Pick PocketPurple0.8
Inv misc gem flamespessarite 03 [Flame Spessarite]65Pick PocketOrange0.5
Inv misc gem deepperidot 03 [Deep Peridot]65Pick PocketGreen0.4

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