Anya Eversong is a dark ranger in the Forsaken forces. She is an unsettling undead figure wearing a long, shadowladen cloak, obscuring most of her features and causing her to fade into the darkness. She holds a dark, glowing bow of elven make. Anya is first and foremost a ranged fighter. Her magical quiver contains arrows of all types and makes, variable enough for any encounter. She prefers to snipe from the cover of shadows, where her cloak and shadowmeld abilities make her invisible. She is perfectly capable of firing arrows while on the move, or even in melee. She targets spellcasters with silence spells to prevent them from casting, and weak-willed targets with charm person. She casts black arrow on her bow when strong foes surround her, or when she needs the extra skeletons her arrows create. If she is low on life, she casts drain life on slow targets, siphoning their life and recovering from her wounds.[1]

In Warcraft III Edit

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She is a random dark ranger in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

In World of Warcraft Edit

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This character may appear in World of Warcraft as Dark Ranger Anya.

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