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Answering Machine Plus
Stores your tells and messages and plays them back to you when you return.
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Answering Machine Plus stores your tells and also Auction House messages while you are AFK or DND and plays them back to you when you return.

Automated replies are sent to tells when you're in combat.

Dependencies Edit


Commands Edit

'/answer msg' - changes your default away message

Syntax: /answer msg <new away message>

'/answer play' - playbacks recorded messages

Syntax: /answer play

'/answer clear' - deletes all recorded messages

Syntax: /answer clear

'/answer afk' - toggles recording while AFK

Syntax: /answer afk ( on | off )

'/answer dnd' - toggles recording while DND

Syntax: /answer dnd ( on | off )

'/answer combat' - toggles auto-reply while in combat

Syntax: /answer combat ( on | off )

'/answer auction' - toggles recording of Auction House messages

Syntax: /answer auction ( on | off )

'/answer ignore' - ignore list check during recording

/answer ignore ( on | off )

/answer ignore ( add | remove ) [word]

/answer ignore list

URL Edit


Current Version Edit

v3.5 - WoW 2.0 compatible

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