What ecology means? Me smash you! - The Big Chopper[1]

The Ango'rosh tribe is a tribe[2] of ogres, found primarily in the northwestern area of Zangarmarsh. Overlord Gorefist is their leader and their base is located northwest of Zangarmarsh across a bridge made from a fallen mushroom.[3]


Captain Krosh guards the Ango'rosh Attack Plans. These plans consist of filtering down from the northern mountains, then sending Boss Grog'ak and a band of ogres to make the Ango'rosh "mushroom-cutting operation", which consists of cutting off the mushrooms to the north of Zabra'jin,[4] and then sending an attack to the Horde's outpost.[5] As a consecuense to this plan, the bog lords are no longer going the the Hewn Bog for mushrooms and instead attack the sporeggar,[6] even the ogres are taking all the mushrooms to their base at Ango'rosh Stronghold.[7] Their massive cutting of mushrooms is severly damaging the ecology and economy.[1]

The Ango'rosh are encroaching upon Orebor Harborage of the Kurenai Broken[8] and Zabra'jin of the Horde.[9]

Ikuti[2] wants their leader dead beacuse he believe that the centerprice of a tribe is the leader. While Shadow Hunter Denjai doesn't want only him dead, but his followers as well,[3] he also wants the head of Boss Grog'ak.[4] However, if their chieftain is killed, they could choose another in an unknown amount of time.[3]

Shadow Hunter Denjai asked Nekthar to send reinforcements from Thunderlord Stronghold, but the orcs in Bladge's Edge Mountains have also problems with the ogres; they hope to send an offensive form the rear in a two-prolonged assault alongside Zabra'jin.[9]


They most likely practice warlock magics as all of them are blue, a side-effect of wielding necromantic energies.[10] Also, they have warlock as a class.[11]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Captain Bo'kar Killable Ango'rosh Grounds, Zangarmarsh
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Overlord Gorefist Leader Killable Ango'rosh Stronghold, Zangarmarsh
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Boss Grog'ak Overseer of the Ango'rosh mushroom-cutting operation Killable Hewn Bog, Zangarmarsh
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Captain Krosh Killable Ango'rosh Grounds, Zangarmarsh
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Mage Mal'druk the Soulrender Killable Ango'rosh Stronghold, Zangarmarsh
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male The Big Chopper Unknown Zangarmarsh



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