Andrew Krighton is a level 8 armor and shield vendor located in Goldshire in the human starting zone of Elwynn Forest.

See List of Elwynn Forest NPCs.


Andrew Krighton
<Armorer & Shieldcrafter>
Item Cost Type
Inv shield 04 [Dull Heater Shield] 4Silver 73Copper Shield
Inv chest chain [Light Mail Armor] 4Silver 13Copper Mail
Inv belt 06 [Light Mail Belt] 2Silver 7Copper Mail
Inv boots 01 [Light Mail Boots] 3Silver 23Copper Mail
Inv bracer 03 [Light Mail Bracers] 2Silver 15Copper Mail
Inv gauntlets 04 [Light Mail Gloves] 2Silver 16Copper Mail
Inv pants 03 [Light Mail Leggings] 4Silver 16Copper Mail
Inv shield 09 [Small Targe] 2Silver 60Copper Shield

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