Ability tracking Neutral 15 And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor 10 Money achievement
Help each of the following critters get revenge on the mean old fire elementals.
  • Angry Little Squirrel
  • Alpine Songbird
  • Hyjal Bear Cub
  • Child of Tortolla

And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor is an achievement that is part of the Firelands Invasion. It can be completed in The Regrowth and its surrounding areas while on specific daily quests, with the exception of the squirrel - that does not require a quest of any sort.


  • Alpine Songbird: Wings Aflame You need to summon Millagazor. When he flies off to escape, stop attacking and let your flock of birds finish him off.
  • Hyjal Bear Cub: Those Bears Up There While on the quest, throw one of the bear cubs at the corehounds in the area.
  • Child of Tortolla: Punting Season Rather than punt the turtle into the lake, punt it at one of the Flame Terrors.


  • For the squirrels, they live within the trees of The Regrowth. To get credit, find a squirrel, then target a mob and pull it towards the squirrel. The resulting "bonk" will let you know you've succeeded.

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