Ancient Hysteria
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy
  • Ancient Hysteria
  • 6 min cooldown
  • Instant
  • Increases haste by 30% for all party and raid members within 100 yards. Lasts 40 sec.

    Allies receiving this effect will become Sated and be unable to benefit from Bloodlust or Time Warp again for 10 min.
Usable by
PetCore hound
Nether Ray
Cooldown6 min
Related buff
Spell shadow unholyfrenzy
  • Magic
  • Ancient Hysteria
  • Haste increased by 30%.
  • Duration: 40 seconds

Ancient Hysteria is a hunter pet ability unique to core hounds and nether rays. It gives a short-term buff to all allies, increasing their haste by a percentage.

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