An Honorable Kill

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Achievement pvp p 01 Neutral 15 An Honorable Kill 10 Money achievement
Achieve an honorable kill.

This is the very first achievement of the Honorable Kill series and is very easy to obtain if you are in a Battleground or PvP realm.

Series Edit

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  1. Money achievement An Honorable Kill
  2. Money achievement 100 Honorable Kills
  3. Money achievement 500 Honorable Kills
  4. Money achievement 1000 Honorable Kills
  5. Money achievement 5000 Honorable Kills
  6. Money achievement 10000 Honorable Kills
  7. Money achievement 25000 Honorable Kills
  8. Money achievement 50000 Honorable Kills
  9. Money achievement 100000 Honorable Kills
  10. Money achievement 250000 Honorable Kills

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