Ammen Vale

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Alliance 32 Ammen Vale
Ammen Vale
Race(s)IconSmall Draenei MaleIconSmall Draenei Female Draenei
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female Blood elf
IconSmall Broken Male Broken
IconSmall Pandaren MaleIconSmall Pandaren Female Pandaren
IconSmall Wildkin Wildkin
Faith(s)Holy Light
LocationEastern Azuremyst Isle

Ammen Vale is a small island and subzone off the coast of Azuremyst Isle. It is a lightly forested valley with escape pods, crystals, and smoking bits of the crashed planar ship scattered about the landscape.

This is the starting area for the draenei, with content designed for draenei characters level 1-6.


Concept art of Ammen Vale

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