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Ambo Cash is commanding the soldiers inside Wintergarde Mausoleum. He took some shrapnel in an unfortunate place.

He is involved in the following quests:

  1. Quest Complete 16x16Alliance 15 [73] Steamtank Surprise
  2. Quest Avail 16x16Quest Complete 16x16Alliance 15 [73] Scattered To The Wind
  3. Quest Avail 16x16Quest Complete 16x16Alliance 15 [73] The Chain Gun And You
  4. Quest Avail 16x16Alliance 15 [73] Plunderbeard Must Be Found!
  5. Quest Complete 16x16Alliance 15 [73] Plunderbeard's Journal
  6. Quest Avail 16x16Alliance 15 [73] Chasing Icestorm: The 7th Legion Front


"Why I'm not wearing any pants isn't important. Let's just say I took some Scourge shrapnel in the wrong place and leave it at that, ok?"


His name is most likely a double reference:

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