Amberpine Lodge

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Alliance 32 Amberpine Lodge
Amberpine Lodge
RacesIconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
RulerLieutenant Dumont
AffiliationAlliance Vanguard
LocationWestern Grizzly Hills [32, 60]
Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

Amberpine Lodge is the primary Alliance outpost in the western area of the Grizzly Hills. Previously referred to as a lodge maintained for hunters and trappers, Amberpine has been recently commandeered for military use. This is the first town encountered with breadcrumb quests by way of The Hills Have Us.

Travel connectionsEdit


Official alliance mini-icon Fort Wildervar
Neutral 15 Light's Breach
Official alliance mini-icon Westfall Brigade Encampment
Official alliance mini-icon Westguard Keep
Official alliance mini-icon Wintergarde Keep

NPCs of Amberpine LodgeEdit

Quest giversEdit

Goods and servicesEdit

Additional charctersEdit


Yolanda Haymer and Saffron Reynolds are two aliases of the same character in the cult classic Firefly. Here, Yolanda is the reagent vendor and Saffron is the poison vendor.

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