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Hostile 32 The Amani tribe
Forest Troll
Main leaderWarlord Zul'jin
Race(s)IconSmall ForestTroll MaleIconSmall ForestTroll Female Forest troll
Character classesWarbringer, Axe Thrower, Medicine Man, Guardian, Berserker, Shadowpriest, Flame Caster, Warrior, Beast Tamer, Scout, Handler, Hatcher, Lookout, Protector, Savage, Tempest, Trainer, Tribesman, Wind Walker
Theater of operationsLordaeron, Quel'thalas (primarily in Zul'Aman)
Main languageZandali, Low Common, Common
AffiliationIndependent, Old Horde (former)

The Amani tribe is the remnant of the once great Amani Empire, led by the powerful warlord Zul'jin.

History Edit

From the official Troll Compendium:[1]

Established long before the Great Sundering, the Amani Empire took its name from the strongest tribe of forest trolls at the time. In addition, the tribe takes justifiable pride in counting Zul'jin as one of its members. In spite of his disappearance after the Second War, Zul'jin remains the most famous and respected forest troll in history.

After the Amani Empire was shattered by the Troll Wars, most forest trolls settled in areas that were a comfortable distance from Quel'Thalas. However, the Amani tribe sneered at such precautions as cowardice. Beset by the high elves' powerful sorcery, Zul'Aman was greatly reduced in size, but the Amani tribe remained entrenched at the easternmost edge of the enchanted kingdom.

When Arthas led the Scourge into Quel'Thalas during the Third War, the Amani tribe witnessed the resulting slaughter with glee. Acting swiftly, the trolls launched a series of attacks on high elf settlements in the Eversong Forest. To the trolls' surprise, the few high elves who had survived the invasion seemed greatly weakened and put up a poor fight. The Amani claimed a significant portion of the forest before the elf Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider arrived in Quel'Thalas.

Gathering all the surviving elves he could find, the prince gave them a new name: the blood elves. These blood elves began draining magic from nearby creatures, and they seemed to gain new strength. Even worse, Kael'thas organized them into a fighting force that proved frustratingly effective against the Amani tribe's efforts, even after Kael'thas and his strongest warriors left Quel'Thalas to fight the Scourge elsewhere.

In recent days, the blood elves have shown signs of increased magical training and use. The elves' spells have increased in power, and they have rebuilt portions of Quel'Thalas. Most infuriating of all, the blood elves have begun retaking Eversong Forest. Nevertheless the Amani tribe remains fiercely dedicated to its battle against the elves, for the greatly diminished elven populace cannot long prevail alone in fighting both the trolls to the east and the Scourge to the south.

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