Alys Vol'tyr is a blood elf reagent vendor located at Agmar's Hammer in Dragonblight[36.3, 46.5]
. She is the love interest of Zebu'tan. He continuously gives Alys roses, despite her constant rebuffs.

She sells a variety of reagents and supplies and also stocks some formulas and patterns.


Zebu'tan says: Lookie what Zebu'tan got for you! Roses for da rose!
Alys Vol'tyr says: Ewwww!
Zebutan grumbles.
Alys Vol'tyr says: Not if you were the last Troll on Azeroth!
Alys Vol'tyr says: I've got a man! Now take a hike!
Zebu'tan says: Don't be shy, elfy. Don't you feel dis burnin' love formin' between us?
Alys Vol'tyr says: Never!
Alys Vol'tyr says: Get lost, creep!
Zebu'tan says: Dis Troll think you got a crush on he! Come on over!
Alys Vol'tyr says: Get lost, creep!
Zebu'tan says: Hey pretty lady, Zebu'tan got two rugs over her! Why don't you come on over and keep he warm, eh?

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