Altar of Sha'tar

Altar of Sha'tar

Altar of Sha'tar is an Aldor-controlled temple in the northern area (62,30) of the Shadowmoon Valley. It is the staging grounds for the warriors of the Aldor of Shattrath City to face the forces of Illidan.

Like its counterpart Sanctum of the Stars to the south, the neutral attitude of the Aldor in Shattrath City is not exhibited here in the Shadowmoon Valley. Those aligned with the forces of the Scryers will be attacked on sight by any Aldor in this area.

It has several vendors and quest givers, as well as an innkeeper.

This town was called "Ancient Draenei Base" during the early Burning Crusade Beta.

Travel connectionsEdit


Alliance 15 Wildhammer Stronghold
Horde 15 Shadowmoon Village

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