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CombatMobElite 32Altairus
Race Storm dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 84 Elite
Health  ?? (normal)
6.6M (heroic)
Location Nimbus Rise, Vortex Pinnacle
Status Killable
See Icon-3D-48x48

Altairus is the second boss of the Vortex Pinnacle in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Tactics summary Edit

  • Normal: Do not leave the platform. Stay upwind of Altairus for massive haste boost (downwind causes massive haste/movement reduction). When he casts Chilling Breath on a random target, he stays aimed at his chosen target even if they move, so those not targeted should move away from the victim, or the victim should move to point Altairus away from the others.
  • Heroic: Avoid the vortexes roaming the platform. There are a lot of them so you will probably get hit at least once per fight.

Abilities Edit

  • [Chilling Breath]—Inflicts 30000 Frost damage to enemies in a frontal cone
  • [Upwind of Altairus]—Standing upwind of Altairus makes it easier to attack and cast spells. Attack and casting speed are increased by 75%. Movement speed is increased by 30%
  • [Downwind of Altairus]—Standing downwind of Altairus makes it harder to attack and cast spells. Attack and casting speed are decreased by 75%. Movement speed is decreased by 30%

Strategy Edit

  • Stub Work in progress
  • Tanks - Turn the boss so one of his sides is always facing downwind.
  • DPS - Always stand Upwind from the dragon to get the buff. Do not stand Downwind or you will get the speed decrease debuff.
  • Healers - Stand with DPS.

The wind switches directions every x amount of seconds so keep rotating. It is an easy tank and spank.

Heroic Edit

Same things apply regarding the wind shifting--but nearly 50 cyclones spawn in the boss area, and each one will attempt to knock you off the platform. If you leave the platform then you'll get a warning message and the boss will 1-shot kill you.

In addition, the dragon's breath no longer seems to follow strict aggro tables in this fight. He appears to always attack the person with the lowest HP. Consequently, keep your group well separated for this fight, and avoid tornadoes like they will instantly kill you.

He doesn't have an enrage timer, however. If you lose a couple DPS but the tank and healer can keep themselves alive indefinitely, you're fine - just be prepared for a ten-minute fight. Protection Paladins who find themselves in this situation can end up doing about 1/3 of the party's total healing by the end of such a fight with their Word of Glory.

Loot Edit

Normal Mode
Inv jewelry ring 47
Inv belt 36
Inv shoulder 87
Inv misc stormdragonpale

Videos Edit

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How to solo on normal
How to Solo Vortex Pinnacle as a protection Paladin part 112:53

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Trivia Edit

  • Altair means the flying one or bird of prey in Arabic.

External links Edit

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