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Alerts Plus
A simple mod that automatically tells you and people around you if your health or mana is low.
TOC20100 (2.1.3)
Curse Project

News Edit

  • 0.1 - Kind of a bust kind of not. It works, but I neglected the rogues and warriors for their "mana" aka rage and energy, which of course displayed some problems when they dont HAVE mana >< Working on 0.02 right now.
  • 0.2 - Edited code so no more mana problem for non-mana users. 0.03 Hopefully will have a window to edit what percentages you want to announce at and if you want to announce at all.

Description Edit

Alerts Plus is a mod that will have all kinds of alerts for you, and your party/raid. You will be able to set it to announce to the party when you have low mana/health, or just yourself. Also with options for food, water, reagents, potions, ammo, and durability. I hope to have it VERY customizable

Upcoming... Edit

  • Note - These versions may not include what is anticipated

Betas Edit

  • 0.3 - Players able to set own values through slash commands (IE. /ap setmana 50)
  • 0.31 - Players able to set own message through slash commands
  • 0.4 - Adding a window for customization and other information
  • 0.41 - Add support for food and drink
  • 0.42 - Add support for reagents and potions
  • 0.5 - Include a small window showing the number of certain items the player chooses to display (IE. Player chooses to display food and drink numbers, the window will show like "Food: 10 Muffins")
  • 0.51 - Add support for durability
  • 0.52 - Add support for ammo
  • 0.6 - Add options for groups. Automatically say what items you are low on or have none of, so that you won't forget to pick them up for a group

Finals Edit

  • 1.0 - First Final Release - Spruce up bugs and tweak the UI
  • 1.1 - Add character profiles, so you can save and load settings cross-realm
  • 1.2 - Add optional sounds for when you have an alert

Screenshot Edit


Download Edit

Anyone with ideas, please drop a message in my Talk Page.

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