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Purpose: This page will list the rewards available to alchemists from each faction. This aids alchemists in determining where to spend time gaining reputation. Collect all the alchemist recipes that you get by reputation and put them here.

Recipe Reputation Needed Cost Faction
Transmute: Air to Fire Honored 1Gold 50Silver Argent Dawn
Transmute: Earth to Water Friendly 1Gold 35Silver Timbermaw Hold
Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion Friendly 5Gold Zandalar Tribe
Major Troll's Blood Potion Honored 5Gold Zandalar Tribe
Mageblood Potion Revered 5Gold Zandalar Tribe
Living Action Potion Exalted 5Gold Zandalar Tribe
Transmute: Elemental Fire Friendly 12Gold Thorium Brotherhood

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